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Coreless Motor Application

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 Due to coreless motor overcome brush motor unbridgeable technical obstacle. Coreless motor typical application: Military, High-tech area, in large industrial and civilian field, after more than 10years get fast development, especially in the developed countries, has been involved most industries and many products. 

1, Need quick response servo system. Such as missile flight direction adjustment. High magnification CD drive servo control, fast automatic focus, high sensitive records and testing equipment, industrial robots, bionic limbs, coreless motor function well satisfy its technical requirements. 

2,Product of smooth driving element requires persistent drag. Such as various types of portable instruments and meters, personal portable equipment, outside instruments and equipment, electric vehicles, same a set of power supply, power supply time to be more than double. 

3, All kinds of aircraft, including aviation ,spaceflight, model aircraft. Using coreless motor light weight, small size, advantage of low energy consumption, can maximum limit reduce the weight of the aircraft. 

4,All kinds of civil electrical appliances, industrial products, Coreless motor as executive component is proposed, can make products improved, superior performance. 

5,Taking advantage of its high energy conversion efficiency is also used as a generator; using the linear operation characteristics, also used as a tachogenerator: with reducer; also can be used as a torque motor.

As industrial technological progress, all kind of mechanical and electrical equipment strict technical conditions put forward higher technical requirements of servo motor, at the same time, the application range of the coreless motor has been completely out of the limitations of high products. Rapidly expanding civil low-end product application range. Improve products quality. According to the statistics, In the industrial developed countries already have more than 100 kinds of civilian product mature application of coreless motor.

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