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What is the stepper motor?[ 2017-06-12 ]
The Stepping Motor introduce.
Coreless Motor Application[ 2017-06-12 ]
Coreless Motor various application.
The development trend of China's wind power industry automation market[ 2013-04-10 ]
Current, our country with independent intellectual property rights of the gap wind turbine, the core technology of domestic wind turbine manufacturing is not master. In this regard, the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of finance is studying the support scheme of wind turbine machine parts and localization, or will be making machine and spare parts for wind power motor with independent intellectual property rights of the grant funds to support.
The motor will become the driving force for the future development of the electric market[ 2013-04-10 ]
As everyone knows, the motor is the power consumption of the national economy, and energy saving is an eternal theme of the motor industry. Experts said, China's energy shortage is mostly because the energy waste and the use of inappropriate. At present, China's energy consumption industry accounts for about 70% of total energy consumption, including motor industrial energy consumption accounts for about 60%~70%.
Once Top Motor send warmth in the Mid-Autumn Festival[ 2013-04-10 ]
The morning of September 20, 2012, the EMS shuttle bus to Shenzhen Once Top Manufactory Limited. Excellent employees are moon cakes, a letter of thanks and relatives of gratitude disc with great care package up, everybody's face is brimming with excitement. The original company to purchase a "homesickness moon cake" for each employee, EMS will be responsible for the mooncakes send to each employee's home.
Once Top Motor promote 5S management again in 2012 June[ 2013-04-10 ]
Shenzhen Once Top Manufactory Limited. since its inception, has been adhering to the essence of 5S management, the company the full implementation of 5S, through years of effort, the company has made outstanding achievements in the management.
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