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what are the advantages of Coreless motor?[ 2013-05-21 ]
The coreless motor breaks in the structure of the traditional motor of the rotor structure, using a non-core rotor, also called hollow cup-shaped rotor. The rotor structure of this novel completely eliminates the formation of the vortex core, which can cause the power loss. At the same time, this structure significantly reduces the moment of inertia, and makes fast response with good control and the servo performance.
what is kind of Brushless motor?[ 2013-05-21 ]
Brushless motors have inner-runner and out-runner. Each type can be divided into sensored and sensorless ones. One set of brushless consists of one motor and one controller. It can be worked only when the two parts fit well.
what is a process to buy your Motor?[ 2013-05-21 ]
Generally we require you to provide the motor parameters you want, such as the rated voltage, rated speed, power , torque and other parameters , and then tell the motor size requirements...
I am looking for motor in your website, but did not find the performance parameters I need ,what should I do?[ 2013-05-21 ]
As different motor parameters required by each guest , it is not possible to enumerate our actual motor parameters all on the website and brochure , so please find the shape and dimensions you need to match the motor according to our existing column , then contact us to ask specific performance parameters . We will give you advice in accordance with our motor expertise.
What is the brushless motor phase loss?[ 2013-04-10 ]
Phase for brushless motor or brushless motor controller in three-phase circuit, a phase can not work. Phase and main phase phase Holzer phase. Performance for the motor vibration can not work, or rotation weakness and large noise. The controller is easy to burn down the work in phase state, should try to avoid.
What is the brush motor?[ 2013-04-10 ]
Brush motor is containing the brush device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy (motor) or to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy (generator) rotary motor. Different from the brushless motor, brush device is used in the introduction or removal of voltage and current. Brush motor is the basis of all motor, it has the advantages of quick starting, braking time, smooth speed control characteristics of the circuit is relatively simple, such as in a large range.
Stepper motor surface temperature is allowed to?[ 2013-04-10 ]
Stepper motor temperature is too high will first make the motor magnetic material demagnetization, resulting in lower torque and loss, so the highest temperature of motor appearance allows should depend on the different motor demagnetization magnetic materials; generally speaking, demagnetization point magnetic material in 130 degrees Celsius above, some even as high as 200 degrees Celsius stepping motor, so the surface temperature at 80-90 degrees Celsius completely normal.
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